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We do not limit club acceptance by make, model, or technology but rather the experience provided. 

We focus on appeal for all golfers and to do so we ensure appeal for the serious golfer.

To become a Neighborhood National club the simulator needs to provide accurate distances, a simulated environment experience, and consistently accurate shot shape simulation within that environment.

We rely on the owner’s assessment of performance and require a retail price over $10K for consideration.

To maintain club status we rely on member feedback ensuring each club maintains performance across distance and shot shape accuracy, as well as graphics quality.

See below for more on our general thoughts around the simulator market and rationale for setting the guidelines we have for the Neighborhood National network.

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First off, we are not simulator experts.

10 minutes online, you’ll find plenty who are.

Enthusiasts, professional bloggers, maybe the simulator companies themselves.

In 10 minutes you may also find the market a combo of confusing and overwhelming.

If helpful and to share the framework used to define high-end systems that qualify for our club network, below is how we view the space.  Summarized as simply as possible.

We see three tiers of simulator:

Budget, Mid-Tier, and High-End.

Similarly, we see three unique criteria across the tiers: distance calculation, simulated environment integration, and accuracy of shot shape.

Our tier definitions as follows with general price point references as well:


Less than $1K

Accurate Distance



Accurate Distance

Simulated Environment


Over $10K

Accurate Distance

Simulated Environment

Accurate Shot Shape

Countless points of differentiation exist within, and more to the point across tiers.

More advanced monitoring systems integrated with more advanced computing systems which run more advanced software systems.  Progression across tiers will bring increased accuracy, additional data, and more realistic simulated environments.

Wanting to avoid distinctions requiring a detailed understanding of system technologies or complex swing metrics, we attempt to separate tiers in ways easily understood by most.

Requiring appeal for the serious golfer, we land on a consistently accurate shot shape as the distinguishing criteria for high-end simulators.   We do so understanding that accurate shot shape simulation requires advanced technology that will not only ensure high accuracy but will also commonly provide advanced metrics that serious golfers may be looking for.

We enforce consistent delivery across our club network by making ongoing club status contingent on member satisfaction with the performance criteria outlined.

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