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Limited availability at our
Sunset Hills location in Greensboro, NC.

Now adding Neighborhood National locations - will fully
subsidize our next 2 clubs.


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Your golf neighbor down the street brings you Neighborhood National, a member-based golf simulator sharing community providing easy access to exclusive golf. 
With limited membership and high-end simulator technology requirements for each club, members easily enjoy regular access to the most advanced golf technology in the market at a small fraction of the cost to own while our club owners can watch their simulator investment pay for itself.

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Serious Players

Wish you could practice more often?

Want practice to be more convenient?

Interested in analytics to help improve?

By limiting clubs to high-end simulator platforms only, we are able to ensure easy access to world class technology for the serious golfer looking to lower their handicap or simply to stay sharp.

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Casual Players

Do you enjoy golfing but wish it didn't take all day?

Are you starting golf and wish practice was easier?

Would you prefer to practice behind closed doors?

Don't be intimidated by fancy technology and complicated jargon.  Clubs are easy to use and you don't need to worry about "smash factors" or "launch angles" to enjoy playing Pebble Beach in an hour, or 30 minutes hitting balls on the range.

Social Players

Are you an occasional golfer who has fun regardless of your score?  

Do you rarely golf but enjoy fun with friends? 

​Are you a family with golfers and kids of all ages?

Relax, have fun, and maybe enjoy an adult beverage or 2.  Whether an additional friend or a family of 4, our Friends and Family member option makes it easy to enjoy with others. 

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Now Open

Neighborhood National No. 1

Sunset Hills

Greensboro, NC


No. 1 is our first location. 


A good excuse to fix up our garage. 


A better excuse to buy a simulator. 


More than anything we're excited to make golf convenientfor the neighborhood and

the truly amazing response received so far.


We have a brand new Foresight GCQuad simulator, driveway parking, easy online booking,

and a lockbox to let you come and go on your own. 


After getting feedback from our pilot members over the last couple of months we are

now expanding our limited membership. 

Please reach out at the link below if interested in membership.  Glad to get you a complimentary

2 hour tee time to try the club out. 

For anyone that might like a simulator that will pay for itself, contact us about club ownership. 

With the sucess of Neighborhood National No. 1 we are looking to expand and will fully subsidize our next couple of clubs to help build the Neighborhood National network.

NN No. 1

Contact Us

Are you interested in getting easy access to the best golf simulators in the world? 


Would you like  to own a high-end simulator

that pays for itself? 


If so, we’d love to hear from you.  Contact us about joining Neighborhood National.

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